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Peter Muller grew up in western Massachusetts where his earliest lessons in glass began in 1999. He gained employment in several hot shops under the direction of artists skilled with a variety of techniques. Over many years he studied, worked and honed his skills providing him with a solid foundation for his creative ideas with soft glass and furnace work.

In 2001 Peter established Afternoon Glass Designs. His vision was, and still is, to create glass that captures the whimsical and fanciful essence of the animations, illustrations and books that inspired his passion for the arts as a child. Peter hopes that through his designs, adults and children alike can effortlessly engage with the arts and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of the imagination.

By 2012 Peter had transitioned from furnace work to flame work. His aesthetic resonated with the pipe community and functional glass makers. He was warmly welcomed by other artists to collaborate on pieces and projects.

Now known primarily as Muller Glass, Peter enjoys the convenience of working out of his home based shop. He lives with his family in a remote location in southern Vermont. 

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