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Want new work?

Currently, due to the overwhelming volume of requests, Peter is scheduled over a year in advance. He’s tremendously grateful for the appreciation of his art. It’s impossible to meet the requests for work on an individual basis, so there are no custom orders or direct sales. New work drops all over the country throughout the year. Retail shops must be brick and mortar. No online only businesses. Peter does not leave work on consignment - only work that has been purchased can be displayed. Shops are glad to assist with remote sales and sometimes offer free shipping. Following @mullerglass and @mullerinfo on instagram is the best way to be informed of shows and recent work. Shops are tagged in posts; contact them to purchase.


Shop Owners - Contact

Currently, we are not adding new commitments for orders, events or shows. 


Curating a group show is one way for shops to get a wholesale piece. With at least 3 months notice, Peter may be able to participate. He loves contributing to these events gathering pieces from multiple artists. 


Join us! The best way to scoop new work is to come to a show. Secure a VIP spot if you can, to get first dibs. Peter makes a larger body of work when he’s invited for a live event.

There is usually a wide variety of solo glass functionals, pendants, accessories and whatever recent collabs have been crushed out. Additionally there’s always Muller merchandise (shirts, sticker packs, dab mats, etc.) up for grabs at these drops. See the Merch page for what is now available.

If you can’t attend events, follow them closely. Shops often go live with what’s still available the day after shows. We do not necessarily know what has been sold after work is delivered. Contacting shops tagged in posts is the best resource if you’re looking to buy. Shops sometimes post on instagram #mullerglass if they still have Peter’s art for sale. See the Events & Art page for more shop info.

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